# 65


Even though we all crave control, being able to do so is often an illusion. Butler & Cathie talk about how it’s often more advantageous to go with the flow.

# 64

The Net Generation

With the Millennial generation now 34 years old, it’s time to start talking about the new Net Generation. Also, as technology is increasingly able to bring generations together, is generational categorizing becoming obsolete.

# 63


Now that the Olympics are over, Butler and Cathie talk about what they’re going to watch now and Russia invades its neighbor.

# 62

2013 Year-End Review

Butler and Cathie wrap up 2013 by remarking about how unremarkable most of the top news stories seemed in retrospect.

# 61


Cathie and Butler interview the band SubRosa about their latest album More Constant Than the Gods and the most metal topic of all: thank-you notes.

# 60


Cathie’s trip to San Francisco inspires the first live podcast. We finally get to communicate face to face as we discuss… well, um… communication.

# 59


Cathie and Butler interview the musicain Andy Bothwell, aka Astronautalis, and Cathie learns that Andy is better at visiting his mother than Butler.

# 58

Positive Influences

We’ve all had that friend or aquaintance who has been a negative influence. Cathie explains how to keep relationships positive and how to spot relationships that are a bad influence.

# 57

Stop Looking Sideways

Cathie encourages us to stop looking sideways and comparing ourselves to those around us. Instead, focus on the path ahead. She also takes time to fuss at the dogs mid podcast.

# 56

Church & Millennials

Millennials are gravitating away from evangelical services and more towards denominations steeped in tradition. Butler and Cathie discuss why it takes more than replacing the baptismal font with a Starbucks to attract millennials.