# 75

Mother’s Day

It’s our belated Mother’s Day episode, and Butler & Elaine share some memories about what Cathie’s journey to becoming a psychologist has meant to them.

# 74

Elaine Looney

Butler talks to his sister, Elaine, about her work as a social worker in New Orleans.

# 73

Generational Differences and Technology

Cathie and Butler look at the relationships different generations have with technology.

# 72


We catch up with the very talented Astronautalis about his collaborative album Jason Feathers, the recording process, and the importance of Young Jeezy.

# 71

The Year In Music 2014

Cathie and Butler look back at the music of 2014 and discuss what the year’s top records say about the culture.

# 70


In the wake of all the protests in Berkeley, Butler and Cathie discuss the powerful emotions that arise when we’re faced with injustice.

# 69

The Paradox of Choice

With so many choices available today, the idea of choosing can almost become paralizing. We also talk about choosing toilet paper.

# 68

Grounding Helicopter Parenting

At Cathie’s latest speaking engagement, she notices the grounding of helicopter parenting and a return taking things in stride.

# 67

Open Mike Eagle

Our guest is the rapper Open Mike Eagle. We talk to him about his career in music and about his excellent new album, Dark Comedy.

# 66

Gender Equality

Becky Hammon became the first female assistant coach in the NBA. Butler & Cathie talk about what that means for gender equality as well as Cathie’s favorite team, the Spurs.