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aboutButler is a graphic designer at Turner Duckworth in San Francisco. He created this podcast for his mom so she would stop calling him every time a celebrity entered rehab, the Cowboys lost or there was an earthquake somewhere in the world.
img_about2Cathie Looney is a therapist in Dallas, Texas. When she’s not calling Butler, you can find her speaking to Fortune 500 companies about intergenerational communication, on the local news talking about parenting, or teaching workshops to various parenting organizations.

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  1. Patti Knight Lamar says:

    Cathie Butler Looney! What a serendipitous, fantabulous, wonderful surprise to find you here in the middle of the night, when I couldn’t sleep, and was “surfing”, or whatever they call it……you must have shown up on Barri’s fb page….I don’t know if you remember me or not, but Barri and I graduated from Copiah Academy together, and I think you went to CoLin for a summer semester with me? I LOVE your blog! Have often wondered where you landed, and am tickled pink to see your beautiful family!
    I am signing up for the blog (is that what you call it?) and can only wish that your book had been around about 20 years ago, when my boys were teens! They are both in Parchman now…..NOT REALLY!!!!! :) ))))))
    Take care, and keep on keepin’ on!
    Patti Knight Lamar
    Crystal Springs

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